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Hi everybody, whilst soldering today my lead was melting more than I've ever experienced (doesn't happen often and I'm new to this) my iron is a Wellar and one I was advised to get but it doesn't have a thermostat, a too hot iron is the only reason I can think of that the lead would melt, also, I'm not holding the iron on the joint too long, it's literally a touch then off but leaves a hole in the came! Hoping you all have a remedy for me. Thanks Mairi
Jan 11 2018 06:45 AM
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    Hi Mairi, My only recommendation is to try a brand new tip for your soldering gun and see if that will give you a more stable temperature , the heating tip on the Weller 100 is in fact the temperature control for the soldering iron , for example a CT6D7 is 700F but CT6D8 is 800F which means by ordering different model of the same size tip you can get higher or lower temp controlled tip.
    Mar 10 2019 11:52 AM